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Norton High Speed Saw CP514

 Norton Clipper GC514 High Speed Gas Saw

Contractors never have to worry about poor starts, wrong fuel mixes, choking, or clogged filters with the new Norton Clipper CP500 series of cut-off saws. Our saws are built to withstand the demands of today’s jobsite with raw, rugged power that truly delivers. You can have ordinary or you can have a cut above in performance of Norton Clipper equipment and blade technologies that get you on and off the job quickly. For a better option, make the switch to Norton. 

BUILT FOR ENDURANCE The Norton Clipper CP500 high-speed cut-off saw may be new to the market, but it’s destined to be an asset on any crew. It’s fully designed with the user in mind to not only cut a smooth, fast track, but it’s also fully equipped to handle the everyday performance of any job site with unrelenting durability and reliability. Select a standard model or upgrade to the world’s first patented automatic lubrication system, iLube®

No More Pre-Mixing Oil and Fuel The patented iLube® option automatically controls mixing of oil and fuel for maximum efficiency. An electronic sensor will indicate a low oil level and adjust the engine to idle to prevent engine damage.

Easy Start – Hot or Cold The electronic carburetor’s electro-magnetic valve eliminates the standard choke and half throttle start. The 3-step easy start eliminates the hassle of a choke. Simply turn the switch on, prime the engine, and push the decompression button and she’ll purr like a kitten. 

Multi-Stage Air Filtration Patented twin-air inlets create an air pulsation that draws fresh air in while pushing hot air away from the engine and releasing it out the back to keep the saw running cool and reduce debris being trapped in the filter. The external rocker wheel vibrates the filter to further help release debris. This system extends filter life for less cleaning/replacement.

DESIGNED FOR EFFICIENCY The unique laser-cut gullets and split segment design of the patented Norton DUO diamond blade work together to provide an extremely smooth and fast cutting blade in many different materials. A patent pending universal arbor allows the blade to be adapted to two different arbor mounts. The knock out design creates flexibility to use one blade on two machines. The Norton DUO raises the standard in high-speed diamond blades for fast removal with longer life. 

CRAFTED FOR QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE The 3X3 design offers a premium laser-welded blade without the price point of multiple sintered blades. A solid performing general purpose blade that cuts concrete, asphalt, and stone. The wider keyhole gullets reduce cracking and the tempered steel core with strategic hole pattern keeps the blade cool cutting.  

ENGINEERED FOR MAXIMUM UTILITY A single blade for multiple applications in concrete, stone, brick, ductile iron, granite and steel. The unique ellipsoidal shaped gullets resist cracking in the steel center under extreme conditions for enhanced safety during cutting while the stroboscopic depth indicators eliminate over cutting and allow operator to see depth of cut in operation. A premium metal bond and diamond technology improve blade life without sacrificing performance. The 4X4 family takes versatility in high-speed cutting to an all new level with 25% longer life and on-going endurance.

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